Whale of a Move!

Moving a whale skull

The Georgia Museum of Natural History is excited about the addition of hundreds of specimens to our research collection. These specimens include skins, skulls, postcranial skeletons, and fluid-preserved materials from the Northeastern University Vertebrate Collection in Nahant, MA. We look forward to sharing this impressive collection with the public in the near future. Read more here.

Laerm Award

Joshua Laerm

The Georgia Museum of Natural History provides Joshua Laerm Academic Support Awards annually. These awards support studies in natural history by students currently enrolled at the University of Georgia.

Application deadlines for both graduate and undergraduate students is on 12 October 2018. Application requirements have recently changed, please read through the Information about the award for more information.

Dr. Laerm was the Museum Director from 1978 to 1997. A fund has been established in his memory to support student research in natural history.

Fishes of Georgia

robust redhorse

Georgia ranks in the top five U.S. States for freshwater fish diversity, but to our knowledge lacks a statewide distributional atlas. This distributional atlas will provide up-to-date distributions of the 300+ freshwater fishes of Georgia for government, educational and public use. The website will also contain photos, distributional notes, and taxonomic information for each species.

Click here for the Fishes of Georgia website.

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